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SIGCOMM members include scientists, engineers, educators and students. They study all aspects of computer communications and networks: analysis, technical design, engineering, measurement and management. Our members are particularly interested in the systems engineering and architectural questions surrounding computer communication.

Special Statement on Freedom of Mobility

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Recent News

  • November 7, 2017

    October 2017 SIGCOMM Newsletter
    ACM SIGCOMM 2018 Call for Workshop Proposals
    IMC 2017 Call for Participation
    Doctoral Dissertation Award
    New EC Director of Diversity and Outreach
    EC’s Statement on discrimination and harassment
    October issue of SIGCOMM CCR
    News on behalf of sister SIGs
    N2Women call for nominations

    ACM SIGCOMM 2018 Call for Workshop Proposals
    SIGCOMM 2018 is soliciting proposals for new and recurring workshops. SIGCOMM 2018 will hold multiple one-day workshops in conjunction with the conference, to be held in Budapest, Hungary from August 20 to 24, 2018. Workshops will take place on Monday, August 20 and Friday, August 24.
    We invite you to submit workshop proposals on any topic related to the broad set of research and application areas covered by the SIGCOMM conference. We welcome workshops on topics in network research, practice, and education. The workshop format itself should favor interaction among participants and community building. We welcome returning workshops.Detailed information can be found on the conference website:
    Important dates:

    • November 23, 2017, Submission of workshop proposals
    • December 4, 2017, Announcement of selected workshops
    • December 22, 2017, Announcement of workshops CFPs

    Please contact the SIGCOMM 2018 Workshop co-chairs, Xiaoming Fu and K. K. Ramakrishnan at workshopchairs18@sigcomm.org with any questions.

    IMC 2017 Call for Participation
    The 2017 Internet Measurement Conference (IMC) is a three-day event focusing on Internet measurement and analysis. The conference is sponsored jointly by ACM SIGCOMM and ACM SIGMETRICS. IMC 2017 is the 17th in a series of highly successful Internet Measurement Workshops and Conferences. The ACM IMC 2017 conference will be held in London, United Kingdom on November 1-3, 2017. Register via http://conferences.sigcomm.org/imc/2017/registration/

    Doctoral Dissertation Award
    Nomination for the Doctoral Dissertation Award are due and must be received by November 30 by the Award Chair, Dina Papagiannaki (dpapagia@google.com).  Nominations are limited to one doctoral dissertation per department.  Nominated dissertations must have been successfully defended by the candidate, and the final version of a nominated dissertation must have been accepted by the candidate's academic unit. An English-language version of the dissertation must be submitted with the nomination. A dissertation can be nominated for both the SIGCOMM Doctoral Dissertation Award and the ACM Doctoral Dissertation Award.

    New EC Director of Diversity and Outreach
    Marinho Barcellos joins as the newly appointed Director of Diversity and Outreach, a new position announced during the Business Meeting/Community Feedback session at SIGCOMM 2017. Marinho was General co-Chair of SIGCOMM 2016 with Jon Crowcroft, and did a fantastic job in, if you recall, difficult circumstances. In his new position, he will bring focus to our initiatives aimed at making the SIG more diverse and continue and expand the many initiatives that had been started in that area.

    EC’s statement on discrimination and harassment
    This statement is intended to offer additional information and clarifications regarding SIGCOMM's (and ACM's) position and actions when it comes to instances of discrimination or harassment.

    First and foremost we wish to reaffirm the SIG's commitment to ensuring that everyone in our community feels welcome and able to attend our events without fear of being subjected to unwanted solicitations of any kind.  In instances when such misconduct occurs, we are committed to bringing all available measures to bear.

    At the initiative of the previous EC and of members of our community, the SIG had put in place a very explicit policy against harassment and discrimination and requested that it be publicly highlighted at all our conferences. This policy has now been replaced by a revised ACM policy that supersedes all individual SIG policies and is equally explicit in leaving no doubt that any instance of sexual harassment or discrimination will not be tolerated.  The new ACM policy offers explicit guidelines for handling and reporting such issues, and we will continue to require that those be publicly advertised at all our conferences.  The investigation of any reported violation and the enforcement of the applicable penalties is now also handled by ACM, which should ensure that consistent penalties are applied as warranted.

    As was the case when the handling of penalties was internal to the SIG, the disclosure of those penalties remains a challenge, as there are obviously legal implications associated with any public or semi-public disclosure.  Nevertheless , we understand the need for some form of institutional memory to at the very least ensure that individuals found violating ACM policy are excluded from SIG activities in a manner consistent with their penalties.  We will work with ACM to develop appropriate mechanisms so that individuals with a need to know are made aware of those penalties, and therefore in a position to make informed decisions.

    Last but not least, we wanted to highlight initiatives which hopefully reinforce the SIG's focus on creating an environment that is welcoming to all.  As announced in the previous section, the SIG has added a new position of director for diversity and outreach on the EC.  The position is intended to help us develop new initiatives for making our SIG more diverse, and equally important ensuring that we respect and nurture this diversity across all our events.  We are also exploring the possibility of creating a position of SIG's ombudsperson as yet another resource that individuals can turn to in addition to the usual channels; one that may be less intimidating for anyone with a potential complaint.  Finally, there are several other initiatives taking place at the ACM level, in particular the new Code 2018 project, which seeks to update the ACM Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct that had been first adopted back in 1992.

    It is our hope that even if much progress still remains to be made, those many efforts will contribute to, if not eliminating instances of violations, at least make them rare and empower anyone who find themselves in such a situation.

    If you have suggestions for other initiatives that could help us move forward in that direction, please let us know by emailing any member of the EC.


    October 2017 issue of CCR
    Computer Communication Review (CCR) continues to promote reproducible research by encouraging the submission of papers providing artifacts (software, datasets, . . . ). As in the previous issue, all the accepted technical papers have released their artifacts. These artifacts will help other researchers to improve the results published in CCR by easily comparing their new ideas with those described in the related work.
    As announced in the last issue, the CCR Online website, https://ccronline. sigcomm.org has been enhanced with a Community Comments section to encourage interactions between readers and authors. Several submitted articles have been posted in this section and I encourage you to look at them and provide constructive comments to their authors. Providing open and constructive comments is a nice way to be involved in the SIGCOMM community.
    Three technical papers were accepted from the open call. In Measuring YouTube Content Delivery over IPv6 Vaibhav Bajpai et al. report on large scale measurements that compared the performance of Youtube over IPv4 and IPv6. As IPv6 gets widely deployed, it is interesting to study whether the two network stacks provide similar performance. They release both the measurement software and the collected dataset.
    In Inside the Walled Garden: Deconstructing Facebook’s Free Basics Program, Rijurekha Sen et al. study the operation of Facebook’s recent Free Basics program in Pakistan and South Africa. Their software and measurement dataset will probably serve as a baseline for researchers who will explore the evolution of similar programs in the future. These artifacts have been significantly improved by the authors based on interactions with reviewers.
    In Dissecting Last-mile Latency Characteristics Vaibhav Bajpai et al. use measurements on two different platforms to analyse the factors that influence the performance of access networks. They release both measurement scripts and datasets.
    Two editorial papers report on recent workshops. In The 9th Workshop on Active Internet Measurements (AIMS-9) Report, kc Claffy and David Clark summarise the AIMS-9 workshop that was held in March 2017 at CAIDA. In Report on Networking and Programming Languages 2017, Nikolaj Bjorner et al. summarise the SIGCOMM’17 NetPL workshop.
    In addition to the papers accepted from the open call, this issue also contains the best papers from the SIGCOMM’17 workshops:


    News on behalf of sister-SIGs
    WUWNet 2017

    • Halifax is hosting the 12th annual edition of the WUWNet ’17 conference at the Prince George Hotel, this coming November 6-8.  WUWNet is a premier international conference on underwater networking and systems (see http://wuwnet.acm.org/2017/).) In the program, internationally renowned keynote speakers and panel discussions will be organized.  We are expecting 70 scientists and grad students in the field of underwater sensing, communications, signal processing, networking, and other fields related to ocean technology.  The crowd will be diverse, from Canada, North America, Europe and Asia. Exhibition booths will be set up in the coffee hall, posters and demos showcasing students’ accomplishments will be available.  


    N2Women call for nominations
    N2Women (http://n2women.comsoc.org/) has launched in the past two years an annual list “N2Women: Stars in Computer Networking and Communications”, previously known as “10 women in networking/communications whom you should KNOW”. This year they are continuing the tradition by opening the call for their 3rd list.
    Nominations (as many as you can think of) can be submitted at https://goo.gl/forms/kX0iNgr99Fkokvmo1.  The deadline for nominations is November 19, 2017.

  • October 1, 2017

    September 2017 SIGCOMM Newsletter
    Soliciting site proposals for SIGCOMM 2019
    SIGCOMM rising star for 2017
    SIGCOMM CCR Community Feedback
    News on behalf of sister SIGs

    Soliciting site proposals for SIGCOMM 2019
    SIGCOMM is actively soliciting site proposals for the 2019 conference. In keeping with past practice, the 2019 conference will be held at a wildcard site that can, therefore, be located anywhere in the world. Site proposals are short (two pages); requirements are described at: http://www.sigcomm.org/conference-planning/sigcomm-planning/site-proposal-instructions.

    • Site proposals should be sent by email to the SIGCOMM Conference Coordinator, Jussi Kangasharju (Jussi.Kangasharju@helsinki.fi).
    • Proposals are due by Oct. 15, 2017.


    SIGCOMM rising star for 2017
    Congratulations to Mohammadreza Alizadeh Attar from MIT on being named the SIGCOMM rising star for 2017. The award is in recognition of outstanding research contributions, early in his career, in the area of large scale datacenter network architectures and protocols. The rising star award committee comprised of Sujata Banerjee (VMWare Research), Sylvia Ratnasamy (UC Berkeley), Peter Steenkiste (CMU), and Balachander Krishnamurthy (AT&T Research).

    SIGCOMM Computer Communication Review
    To encourage the exchange of ideas within the community, CCR now allows authors to post their submitted papers on https://ccronline.sigcomm.org/category/community-feedback/ to sollicit public and constructive comments. Six of the papers submitted for the January 2018 issue have been posted in this community feedback section.

    News on behalf of sister-SIGs
    MobiCom 2017 - Call for Participation

    • ACM MobiCom 2017, the 23rd Annual International Conference on Mobile Computing and Networking, will be held at the SnowBird resort close to Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, October 16 -20 2017: https://www.sigmobile.org/mobicom/2017/. In addition to a technical program representing the latest research in mobile computing and wireless and mobile networking, this year's program features keynote addresses by Prof. Hari Balakrishnan from MIT and Dr.Thyaga Nandagopal from NSF, an address by the 2017 SIGMOBILE RockStar winner, Shyam Gollakota, eight co-located workshops, the Mobile App Competition, the MobiCom Student Research Competition, an N2Woman event, and the MobiJob student career event!
    • Important Dates:
      • Early-bird registration: Sept 8, 2017
      • Hotel conference rate cutoff: Sept 14, 2017
      • Conference dates: Oct 16-20, 2017

    NEW! AAAI/ACM Conference on AI, Ethics, and Society

    • ACM SIGAI is pleased to announce the launch of the AAAI/ACM Conference on AI, Ethics, and Society, to be co-located with AAAI-18, February 2-3, 2018 in New Orleans. The Call for Papers is available at  http://www.aies-conference.com/. Please note the October 31 deadline for submissions. We hope to see you at the new conference in New Orleans next February!
  • September 18, 2017

    SIGCOMM 2017
    IMC call for posters, site proposal

    SIGCOMM 2017
    The ACM SIGCOMM 2017 conference was held at the newly opened UCLA Luskin Conference Center from August 21-25, 2017. The whole week 'festival' of conference, workshops, tutorials, topic preview and mentoring sessions and other events drew close to 800 attendees. The workshop and conference proceedings were streamed in real-time throughout the 5 days for free access to remote participants, much to the appreciation of the worldwide networking community. The recorded video will also go online in the near future.  The conference featured Keynotes from Prof. Raj Jain (Sigcomm Lifetime Achievement Award) and Prof. Jennifer Rexford (Athena Lecture Award). The conference closing was graced by remarks by Prof. Leonard Kleinrock (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leonard_Kleinrock, whose group sent the very first Internet packet back in Sept. 1969), challenging the new generation of networking researchers to invent the future.

    • SIGCOMM Best Paper Award Winners

    Re-architecting datacenter networks and stacks for low latency and high performance
    Mark Handley (University College London), Costin Raiciu, Alexandru Agache, and Andrei Voinescu (University Politehnica of Bucharest), and Andrew Moore, Gianni Antichi, and Marcin Wójcik (University of Cambridge),
    Language-directed hardware design for network performance monitoring
    Srinivas Narayana, Anirudh Sivaraman, Vikram Nathan, and Prateesh Goyal (MIT CSAIL), Venkat Arun (IIT Guwahati), Mohammad Alizadeh (MIT CSAIL), Vimalkumar Jeyakumar (Cisco Tetration Analytics), and Changhoon Kim (Barefoot Networks)

    • Chris Edmondson-Yurkanan's award and travel grant

    During the opening ceremony, the SIG and the conference also recognized Chris Edmondson-Yurkanan, a long-time SIG member and indefatigable volunteer whose spirit, enthusiasm, and many contributions over the years have had an enormously positive impact.  Chris recently passed away and was recognized by a special Service Recognition Award that her husband, Christopher Yurkanan, was able to accept on her behalf.  Chris' contributions will also be remembered by a travel grant named in her honor, and awarded each year to a woman, preferably but not necessarily a student, whose interest in and dedication to the SIG best exemplify Chris' spirit.  The grant will support travel to the SIGCOMM conference, and its awarding will be overseen by the N2Women group in coordination with the SIG. The grant is intended to support travel to the SIGCOMM conference. Candidates will be drawn from women applying for travel grants to the SIGCOMM conference, but an additional statement of purpose may be requested.

    • Business and Community Feedback Session

    The community feedback session featured a presentation by Roch Guerin (SIGCOMM Chair).  There were extensive discussions on various aspects related to how to continue improving the SIG and the SIGCOMM conference.  A survey will be sent out as a follow-up to those discussions to get input from the community on possible initiatives.

    IMC 2017 CFP, 2018 Site Proposal

    • IMC 2017 Call for Posters

    The 2017 Internet Measurement Conference will include a poster session. The poster session is an opportunity for researchers to discuss their early/ongoing work, tools, and datasets to attendees of IMC. Submissions should not be previously published in a workshop, conference, or journal. Previously presented poster and demo ideas are ok, as are descriptions of previously published tools/datasets that have new features. Submit your poster abstract by Sep 15, 2017 and get notified one week later. URL: http://conferences.sigcomm.org/imc/2017/call-for-posters/

    • IMC 2018 Site Proposal

    The ACM IMC Steering Committee (IMC SC) is soliciting site proposals for the 2018 conference.

    CCR 2017 July Issue
    The last issue of CCR was published in July. You can find it at https://ccronline.sigcomm.org.
    It contains three scientific articles:

    Two workshop reports

    CCR Online now also includes a Community Feedback section ( https://ccronline.sigcomm.org/uncategorized/community-feedback/ ). Authors who submit papers can opt to announce their papers in this section to receive feedback from the SIGCOMM community. This is also an opportunity to read papers that are currently being reviewed.
    Each year, the CCR Editorial Board selects the best papers that have been published during the previous CCR for presentation during SIGCOMM. This year's best papers were:

  • June 13, 2017

    Dear SIGCOMM Community Members,
    This will be my final newsletter as the SIGCOMM Information Services Director. It has been a pleasure to serve the outgoing EC and the SIGCOMM community over the last four years. I wish the best for the new EC (see item 1) in promoting diversity, inclusiveness, transparency, and scientific excellence, during their term serving the SIGCOMM family.
    Here is the news for this month:

    1. SIGCOMM EC Election Results
    2. Raj Jain is the winner of SIGCOMM Award 2017
    3. HotNets 2017 position papers
    4. Tribute to Chris Edmondson-Yurkanan
    5. Networking Technology & Systems Early-Career Investigators (NeTS-ECI) Workshop
    6. Call for Nominations: Editor-in-Chief, ACM Transactions on Sensor Networks

    1. The elections are over, and the results are out… (roll the drums).....Congratulations to the new EC members: Roch Guerin (chair), Aditya Akella (vice-chair), and Lars Eggert (secretary-treasurer). Their term starts July 1, 2017.
    2. Congratulations to Raj Jain for winning the 2017 SIGCOMM Award for Lifetime Contribution. The award to Raj is For life-long contributions to computer networking including traffic management, congestion control, and performance analysis.

    3. The PC chairs would like to call your attention to a renewed emphasis in HotNets 2017 on publishing *position* papers that will catalyze reflection and discussion within the networking research community. We seek early-stage work, where the authors can benefit from  community feedback. An ideal submission has the potential to open a line of inquiry for the community that results in multiple conference papers in related venues, rather than a single follow-on conference paper. The program committee will explicitly favor early work and papers likely to stimulate reflection and discussion over  "conference papers in miniature." For the full CFP, please see:

    4. We are sad to report the passing away of longtime ACM SIGCOMM member and enthusiastic volunteer, Chris Edmondson-Yurkanan on May 23 after a lengthy and disabling illness. She had been a faculty member in the Computer Sciences department at the University of Texas, Austin, for more than two decades and helped organize the SIGCOMM conference at Austin in 1989. Her obituary can be found here: http://wcfish.tributes.com/obituary/read/Chris-Edmondson-Yurkanan-104821831

    Importantly, one of her main passions was Internet (and SIGCOMM) history: https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/e842/1d62b47d568e11dc6893f7f5603fd99d6a4c.pdf

    5. With support from the National Science Foundation (NSF), the Networking Technology and Systems Early-Career Investigators (NeTS-ECI) Workshop aims to develop the early-career NeTS research community to address emerging challenges and pursue promising research opportunities in the domain of computer and information networking. NeTS-ECI provides an opportunity for early-career researchers (see below for eligibility) to engage in discussions with peers to share perspectives and explore new research frontiers.  Each workshop participant will also have an opportunity to showcase his/her research interests, build a collaborator network, kick-start collaborations, and benefit from professional development activities such as presentations on the NSF merit review process and elements of successful NSF proposals.
    Eligibility:  The workshop is by invitation only.  We invite research statement summaries (similar to a NSF proposal summary) from  US-based senior graduate students (who are within 1 year from the completion of their Ph.D. degrees) and early-career Ph.D. graduates (who received their Ph.D. degrees within the last 3 years). See submission instructions here:

    6. The term of the current Editor-in-Chief (EiC) of the ACM Transactions on Sensor Networks (TOSN) is coming to an end, and the ACM Publications Board has set up a nominating committee to assist the Board in selecting the next EiC. Nominations, including self-nominations, are invited for a three-year term as TOSN EiC, beginning on September 1st, 2017. The EiC appointment may be renewed at most one time. This is an entirely voluntary position, but ACM will provide appropriate administrative support.  
    The EiC is responsible for maintaining the highest editorial quality, for setting technical direction of the papers published in TOSN, and for maintaining a reasonable pipeline of articles for publication. He/she has final say on acceptance of papers, size of the Editorial Board, and appointment of Associate Editors. The EiC is expected to adhere to the commitments expressed in the policy on Rights and Responsibilities in ACM Publishing. For more information about the role of the EiC, see ACM's Evaluation Criteria for Editors-in-Chief.
    Nominations should include a vita along with a brief statement of why the nominee should be considered. Self-nominations are encouraged, and should include a statement of the candidate’s vision for the future development of TOSN. The deadline for submitting nominations is August 11th, 2017, although nominations will continue to be accepted until the position is filled. Please send all nominations to the nominating committee chair, Jie Liu (jie.liu@microsoft.com).   
    That’s all for now!
    CFPs for Upcoming SIGCOMM-sponsored conferences:

    CFPs for Upcoming in-cooperation-with SIGCOMM conferences:




  • April 26, 2017

    For the first time, the Internet Measurement Conference includes a shadow PC program. Authors can opt-in to make their papers available to shadow PC reviewers and benefit from extra reviews. This is a totally independent process and does not in any way influence the main TPC decisions. Young researchers, PhD students and postdocs are encouraged to apply for the Shado PC program. The details are available here:

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