CoNEXT 2013 is soliciting site proposals

The ACM CoNEXT conference (sponsored by SIGCOMM) is soliciting site proposals for its 2013 edition.

Details on what a site proposal entails can be found on the SIGCOMM CoNEXT web page under "Proposals for Hosting CoNEXT" towards the bottom of the page,

but in short, putting forward a site proposal calls for:

  • providing the names of volunteer General Chairs,
  • a site city,
  • target dates (the conference is held at the beginning of December),
  • together with some initial details on the overall organization,e.g., hotels, conference facilities, possible venues for the conference banquet, etc.

Note that like several other SIGCOMM conferences CoNEXT rotates on a three years cycle between Europe, North America, and a "wildcard". CoNEXT 2010 was in Philadelphia, PA, the 2011 edition was held for the first time in Asia in Tokyo, Japan, and just ended after what was a very successful conference, and the 2012 conference will take place in Nice, France, next December.

As result, we are now targeting a North American location for CoNEXT 2013. However, this is only a "target" and while preference will be given to proposals that conform to this target, strong proposals that don't will definitely be considered.

If you are interested in submitting a site proposal, please check the instructions on the CoNEXT page , and email me ( your proposal before _*May 1st, 2012*_. We are expecting to finalize a site selection by May 31st, 2012. There is still plenty of time before the deadline, but proposals that are submitted early will be given greater consideration.