SenSys Conference

ACM Conference on Networked Sensor Systems (SenSys)


SenSys introduces a high caliber forum for research on systems issues of networked sensing and actuation, broadly defined. These distributed systems of numerous smart sensors and actuators will revolutionize a wide array of application areas by providing an unprecedented density and fidelity of instrumentation. They also present novel systems challenges because of resource constraints, uncertainty, irregularity, and scale. SenSys design issues span multiple disciplines, including wireless communication, networking, operating systems, architecture, low-power circuits, distributed algorithms, data processing, scheduling, sensors, energy harvesting, and signal processing. SenSys seeks to provide a cross-disciplinary venue for researchers addressing these networked sensor system design issues.

Papers are reviewed by a 20-member TPC. Papers are 15 pages long, double-blind reviewed.

Scope and Summary

Submission to the conference is open and encouraged across a wide-ranging set of topics pertaining to sensing systems, including architecture and protocols, distributed coordination algorithms, fault-tolerance, energy efficiency, operating systems, data, information and signal processing, storage, actuation and control, programming methodology, security and privacy, network planning, provisioning, and deployment, operational experience and testbeds, experimental methodology, Analysis of real-world systems and fundamental limits, applications, and integration with other systems.

Steering Committee

  • Jie Liu, Microsoft, Chair
  • Chiara Petrioli , Microsoft, SIGMOBILE Representative
  • Hamed Haddadi, Queen Mary University of London, SIGCOMM Representative

Past SIGCOMM representatives:

  • Sylvia Ratnasamy (2008-2013)
  • Craig Partridge (2003-2008)

For the full detals, see Sensys Steering Committee Members


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Previous SenSys Conferences

The proceedings from the following past SenSys conferences are available online: