SIGCOMM Logos for Print and Screen

This page is a work in progress.  SIGCOMM has a few logos or variants of the same.


Main .eps logo: sigcomm-logo-new.eps

Note: to edit this image using free software, remove material after the %%EOF.


For screen:  sigcomm-dropshadow-spaced.png (the spacing between blocks in sigcomm-logo-new is slightly larger, enough to make space for the drop shadow).  The main logo for this site in the title bar adds a background glow.


For inverted screen sigcomm-logo-trans-white-911x986.png (the dark background on this page is set by html style, the png is transparent).

Old jpg for classic use: old.


SIGCOMM Logo pack created by Brighten Godfrey:

        logo.eps -- same as the eps on the web site
        logo.pdf -- pdf version of the above.  also a much smaller file.
        logo-with-text.{eps,pdf} -- logo with the "acm sigcomm" text recreated. 
        logo-with-text.graffle -- OmniGraffle file used to create the above


ACM's logos are at: