Program BCP

These are the Best Current Practices relating to the technical program of the SIGCOMM conference. They have been approved by the SIGCOMM Executive Committee.

SIGCOMM 2017 Review Process Overview
Slides presented by the Program Chairs during the opening session of the SIGCOMM 2017 conference outlining the reviewing and paper selection process, as well as the best paper award process.
Technical Steering Committee Guidance to SIGCOMM Reviewers
This page summarizes recommendations for reviewers of papers submitted to the annual conference.
SIGCOMM Policy on Withdrawal of Papers
This page lays out the SIGCOMM policy on withdrawal of papers after submission to the annual conference.
Policy on Extra Pages in the SIGCOMM Proceedings
This page provides guidance to PC Chairs regarding their discretion in allowing extra pages for selected papers in the proceedings of the annual conference.
SIGCOMM Program Committee BCP
SIGCOMM Program Committee, Best Current Practice. This is an informal and incomplete description of current accepted practice of the SIGCOMM Program Committee.
Proposals for Improving SIGCOMM
This report discusses several proposals for improving the Sigcomm conference. It was prepared by Sigcomm’s Technical Advisory Committee and approved by the Sigcomm Executive Committee.
SIGCOMM Program Chair Selection BCP
Selection of SIGCOMM Program Chair or Co-Chairs, Best Current Practice, January 2001.
SIGCOMM PC Chairs Conflict of Interest
SIGCOMM strives to avoid conflict of interest in its reviewing practices. This page summarizes recommended practices with respect to PC Chairs.
SIGCOMM Program Committee Composition
This page summarizes recommendations for PC composition and the PC selection process.