July 2016 SIGCOMM Newsletter

Dear SIGCOMM Community Members,
Here is the news for this month:
1. Jim Kurose is the 2016 SIGCOMM Lifetime Achievement Award winner.
2. July issue of CCR
3. Community feedback session at SIGCOMM 2016

1. Jim Kurose has been awarded the 2016 SIGCOMM Lifetime Achievement Award for his sustained excellence in networking research, education, mentoring, and service to the SIGCOMM community.

Jim will deliver the keynote talk at SIGCOMM 2016. The program for the conference is now online:

2. Note that the last print edition of CCR was in April 2016. The new, online CCR is now available through a dedicated website : https://ccronline.sigcomm.org

We will add new features on the website to encourage interactions among the entire community. Ideas and suggestions on how to improve the website are more than welcome. Please contact Olivier Bonaventure by email at ccr-editor@sigcomm.org

This issue contains a wide range of articles. Four peer-reviewed articles have been accepted. In addition to the peer-reviewed technical papers, this issue contains a record number of editorial papers. In his student mentoring column, Aditya Akella discusses the different between journal and conference papers, different types of jobs and conference talks. In the industrial column, Nandita Dukkipati and her colleagues discuss the deployment of new congestion control schemes in datacenters and on the Internet based on their experience at a large cloud provider.

3. If you have any questions you would like to raise at the community feedback session, but won’t be able to attend in person, please send them by email to the SIG Chair, S. Keshav at keshav@uwaterloo.ca

That’s all for now!