ANCS Conference

ACM/IEEE Symposium on Architectures for Networking and Communications Systems

Conference Overview

ANCS is a research conference that focuses on the architecture and design of hardware and software for modern communication networks. The combination of increasing network bandwidth and expanding functionality pose continuing and growing challenges for system designers. New technology elements, including network processors, content addressable memories, multi-core processors, configurable logic and special-purpose components offer new opportunities for meeting these challenges, but also raise a variety of new issues. ANCS focuses on networking and communication in the broad sense, including novel architectures, architectural support for advanced communications systems, algorithms and protocols for advanced architectures, software and applications for next-generation networking architectures, and methodology and benchmarking for evaluating advanced communication architectures. Our emphasis this year will be on hardware and software elements in the context of systems that enable networks to evolve and scale.

Areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • System design for future Network Architectures

  • Network/communications processors

  • Intelligent co-processors

  • Router architectures

  • Emerging Technologies (e.g., optical components, etc.)

  • Switch fabrics/interconnection networks

  • Link scheduling, processor/thread scheduling, switch scheduling

  • Network adapters

  • Application-specific networks (e.g., SAN, XML Switching)

  • Programmable /extensible networks

  • Secure communication

  • Traffic management

  • Packet classification

  • Content inspection and filtering

  • Energy-efficient designs

  • Multi-core processors in networking

  • Open platforms

  • Networks on-chip

Technical Sponsors

ACM Special Interest Group on Computer Architecture (SIGARCH)

ACM Special Interest Group on Communications (SIGCOMM)

IEEE Computer Society Tech. Committee on Computer Architecture (TCCA)

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