Information for Conference Organizers

This page is a collection of resources for organizing conferences, with a focus on SIGCOMM-sponsored and in-cooperation events.

Position Regarding Double-blind Reviewing

Besides general guidelines regarding quality and thoroughness, the SIG does not mandate a particular format for the review process of the conferences it supports. In particular, it holds no position as to whether a "single-blind" or "double-blind" review process should be used (as others have pointed out, there are pros and cons with each reviewing model, e.g., see here for a list of representative articles).

Each conference sponsored, co-sponsored, or in-cooperation) is free to choose the format of their review process, including whether it is single-blind or double-blind. However, it is expected that conferences that opt to rely on a double-blind review process will provide a clear description of their interpretation and enforcement of the policy, and in particular expectations regarding anonymity and prior posting on public repositories with appropriate instructions for both reviewers and authors.


In-cooperation status guidelines describes requirements and desirable features of conferences for organizers who intend to submit requests for in-cooperation status with SIGCOMM. In-cooperation status provides greater visibility to an event, for example, it is included in more visible lists in our For Conference Attendees page.

SIGCOMM Annual Festival

The SIGCOMM Conference planning page is a collection of pages originally written by Joe Touch. They should be read by all members of a SIGCOMM organizing committee, and if you've held an organizing role, please contribute! SIGCOMM Site Proposal Instructions provide directions for submitting site proposals. Site proposals are typically solicited in August two years before the conference and due by September 15.

Logo Material

Logos and images for inclusion on calls for papers and printed materials.

For conference web chairs

Directions for getting an account on the machine that hosts

For travel grant chairs

Travel Grant Chairs are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the SIG's travel grant guidelines available here, and may also want to consult Christian Kreiblich's blog on the topic, as it includes relevant advice and guidelines for both organizers and students applying for such grants.

National Networking Summit sponsorship

SIGCOMM would like to promote networking research through support of national/regional networking summits. Such a summit would typically be a one- to three-day event that draws its participants from computer networking researchers and practitioners in a single country or region, with extensive participation by academic researchers and students. Organizers of such events are encouraged to apply for SIGCOMM funding, which will be in the form of travel grants to student participants. Normally, the grant amount will not exceed USD 7500 per event per year.

On This Site

If your conference is listed on the SIGCOMM events page, please report changes to steering committees or announcements of new instances of the conference that should be listed. Soon: submit your event to the listings of upcoming events and deadlines.