SIGCOMM's education blog

The objective of SIGCOMM's education blog is to post short documents or initiate discussions about educational issues in the broad networking area. We hope to regularly post content that is useful for networking educators and generates discussions. In August, we contacted about twenty young networking educators and asked them a few questions about the difficulties that they faced in the educational activities and how SIGCOMM could help. Several interesting suggestions were received, including :


  • provide a repository where educators can exchange slides, homeworks exam questions, labs, software, book references, reading lists, ...
  • survey about the most suitable networking textbooks 
  • recommendations on the list of topics that a networking course should cover 
  • package conference tutorials so that they can be easily reused - more venues for graduate students to participate in conferences 
  • information in local languages for non-English speaking students 
  • seminars given by renowned professors 
  • free access to conference/workshop proceedings 
  • short courses on graduate topics 
  • newletters for students with assignments or hacks or recent press information
  • a forum for young faculty 

For the first three suggestions, we invite educators to consult and register on the SIGCOMM education reprository at

We hope that the blog will serve as a forum for young faculty and that excellent ideas will be exchanged through the blog.